Monday, February 21, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

It's clear that I have never played/used/whatever this "Angry Birds." Everyone talks about it but I avoid it like the plague. Why? Because everyone's talking about it.

Whatever it is, I have to admit that there is definitely something there. I mean, how could all of these people be so interested in something unless there's some substance, right?

Maybe not. Either way, this cake looks cool. Enjoy.

Angry Birds Birthday Cake Will Put Someone’s Eye Out

Perhaps you have a cell phone. Perhaps you’ve heard of Angry Birds.

With appeal untold, Angry Birds has somehow climbed the sweaty ladder of the gaming industry to become what can legitimately be termed a phenomenon, as far as iPhone apps go. Maybe it’s the unpredictability of physics-based gameplay. Maybe it’s the pigs. Whatever the case, now people are making cakes out of it – as you’re no doubt already watching in the video, there. Well, carry on.

As playable as this is, it would seem this particular fortress is not one knocked down easily (and not just due to the kid’s aiming ability) – perhaps those pigs should consider the applications of cake mix as a substrate for construction in the future.

* * *
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